Business Documents Translation Services
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Business Translation Services

With ever expanding dimensions of globalization and international communication, businesses are looking to expand their horizon across the globe. No matter it’s a large business or a small set-up, they dream to conquer their market across the globe – that is what we do for them! We provide the right translation and localization solutions to the businesses and bridge the communication gap between them and their potential customers.

English isn’t the only language spoken in the world, so in order to capture non-English speaking audiences, language translation is the only key to success. Our 3000+ Translators know the right key to open the right lock of your global venture. They are expert of their field and know their work very well, so their localized translation approach lets the businesses win their goals. So, if you want business translation service, then look no further as we are here to let you surpass from your competitors in the best possible way.

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Our Translation Services

Business localization isn’t just conversion of language of certain files into another, it is simply changing the whole landscape of your business with localized approach, So, it involves a whole lot of translation and localization requirement and considering this business requirement, Mars Translation has arranged a team of professionals and experts who can deal with the wide spectrum of your business localization requirements.

Website Localization

Website is online representation of your business which can let you acquire new potential customers from across the globe. So, instead of losing them just because they cannot understand what is written, why shouldn’t we grab them by converting your website into their own language? Sounds interesting? Well, this what we do for you. Our IT experts and translators collaborate systematically and translate it in seamless manner.

E-Commerce Translation

There is nothing more rejoicing for a business, but to be able to sale your products across the globe without being physically there. The thing is: You need to Translate your E-Commerce Platform to entice your foreign language speaker customers. We can let you to translate your products’ description, customer feedback and customer queries at the most competitive prices. So, with us, online sales growth is not so far away.

Video Translation

Visual communication casts worth mentioning impact upon your customers, but what if they cannot understand it? Beautiful visuals have no impact until unless the message isn’t comprehendible. We let your business videos, depicting your business profile or marketing campaign, speak to your customers in their own language. Let your awesome business videos cast right impact by translating them.

DTP & File Conversion

Being the best one stop solution to the translation and localization needs of your business, we also provide services of DTP & file Conversion. Whatever kind of document you have and whichever format you need for your document, our expert team of translators and IT experts can give you perfectly ready document by converting it in your required format after translating it.

Document Translation

When it comes about business, then there comes a whole range of documents i.e. legal, official, financial, and marketing as well as confidential documents. Our translators, experts of numerous industries, can help you to translate your documents in 120+ languages with localized approach. Moreover, we know what your documents mean for you, so we ensure the security and privacy of your data, because we care for our customers.

Why Us?

  • Competitive Prices

    We have a goal to change the business landscape of the world by enabling businesses to communicate with their global customers seamlessly. So, we have designed very competitive price structure to address the translation needs of all the businesses. Our prices start from $0.05 per word, so a small business can also fulfill its translation need.

  • Translators

    We have team comprised of the most experienced and highly dedicated professional translators who know their job very well. They are the individuals who have been serving in the translation industry since a long time, so translation is just a simple task for them. They all are natives who know the cultural perspectives and the right words for the right impact.

  • Languages

    We proudly claim to be the providers of translation and localization services in almost all the major languages of the world. Our translation services in 120+ languages can help you to win the global language belonging to people who speak these 90+ languages. So, you just need to dream about your success, we will write story for you.

  • Certified

    We are ISO certified, so our high quality of services and level of reliability is guaranteed. We work hard to comply with the expectation of our customers and go beyond the boundaries to ensure the provision of the ace quality projects. If you are someone looking for reliable and perfect people, then we are ready to serve you.

  • Fastest Turnaround

    We are well known for our accomplice to the deadlines and the provision of the fastest possible turnaround. We ensure to deliver the projects before deadline and our translators also ensure on time project delivery. Moreover, we are also known for our turnaround time of 2000/day. We can also go extra miles in case of quick delivery requirement.

Advantages of Our Translation Services
About Mars Translation Company

About Us!

Mars Translation is the leading and one of the most recommended agency providing bespoke business translation services across the globe. We understand the significance of translation and localization for the global businesses, so with our dedicated team of translators, proofreaders and IT experts we let them ace out their target market. Our 16 years of experience in this industry has helped us to excel in our field with incorporation of latest IT technology and innovative mechanism to ensure the delivery of the best possible solution.

We work with an aim to let businesses speak to their potential customers in their own language. Imagine that a large customer base encounter your business, but they couldn’t understand that what your business is all about? Startled? Well, this is the situation which we can help you to avoid by translation and localization of your business in 120+ languages.