Translation Services in Dallas
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Translation Services Dallas

At Mars Translation, we are providing the effective, top quality and cost-effective translation services in Dallas. Our 16 years of experience and a firm hold on our skills make us one of the most recommended and expert translation company of the area.

In-depth knowledge of the translation industry and passion to excel make it possible for us to come up every time with unique translation and localization solutions for our clients. When it comes to ‘translation in Dallas’, then our name surely shines in the list.

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Translation Services we offer

  • Document Translation

    Mars Translation provides the perfect solution for the document translation requirement by combining the translation skills and our desire to deliver the best possible services. For those who have a company document or perhaps an official personal document, our professional translators can translate any document to the utmost level of perfection.

  • Website Translation

    We help our clients’ to translate their website into the language of their customers. We let the website translate into any language without changing the coding language. Our professional translators and expert IT professionals know how to do their work without creating much fuss.

  • E-commerce Translation

    With the rise of e-commerce, the expanded translation requirement is also quite evident. So, Mars Translation provides the top Quality E-Commerce Translation solutions to the businesses in Dallas as well as international businesses.  We lessen the communication barriers between companies and their clients and investors by letting them able to speak in the clients’ and investors’ language.

  • Video Translation

    Either it is official promotional video or a tutorial, we can translate all kinds of videos in any language our client’s want. Dallas translation services in video translation are what our area of distinction from our competitor is. We are always ready to deliver our services in video translation for our clients.

  • Software Localization

    To take your video to the global market makes it important to make your business fully localized – so does your software. Mars Translation understands its significance so our translators and IT experts work to their fullest to provide the best software localization services.

  • DTP and File Conversion

    Along with translation services, we also provide services of DTP and file conversion to our clients. We want our customers to have peace of mind, so we are the one stop solution to get the perfect document translation with file management.

Advantages of Our Services
Dallas Translation

About Dallas

Dallas, marked as the third largest city in Texas and ninth largest in the United States, is an essential metropolitan city of the state. Its holds a population of 7.1 million people with an upright growth in technology, education, and business sector.

Its prominence as an important city in Texas is also explicit by the fact that it is the center of oil and cotton industries since its beginning and strong railroad links and inland port have further strengthened its significance.The city’s economy is expanded with the increased concentration of Fortune 500 countries; hence, the prospect of business and trade in Dallas are huge.

With the thriving fortune of many industries in Dallas, like banking, information technology, transportation and commerce at large, there is no wonder that many companies are looking to venture into the local market of Dallas. This has increased the requirement of the translation services in Dallas TX, so Mars Translation here in Dallas – for all the businesses.

About Mars Translation

Mars Translation is a company which is busy in providing the certified translation in Dallas to the local and international businesses. We work around the clock to meet up the translation and localization requirements of the businesses because we care for our customers. We have 2000+ professional and local translators who are adept to deliver the best services in their respective industries.

We are fully aware of the essentiality of the official and confidential documents of our clients, so we assure our client’s privacy by taking significant security measure and transparent translation process. Our client driven vision is what keeps us to show continuous growth with our clients’ trust.

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