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Professional Document Translation Services

Mars Translation, a leading translation company, is the most recommended, professional and experienced translation. We provide one of the best translation solutions to our clients and when it comes to certified document translation services, then we are the class apart in our industry. Documents are the archives that keep the record of your personal and business matters, so their significance is evident from their essential functionality. We are adept in providing translation services for any form and kind of documents – which make it possible for us to cover wide document translation need of our customers.

With the changing business landscape of the world due to globalization and expanding IT horizon, global business has become as the most anticipated phenomenon. This situation brings need of multi-lingual translation and localization – this is what we are doing for you. We understand the need of business document translation services for your successful global business and to keep your business communication affluent, so we provide the best possible professional document translations services to our clients.

We consider minute details of your document, either it is the placement of a comma or the usage of the word, we handle all aspects of your documents carefully. We do not go for anything but best – that is why we are the best choice for the one looking for the best.

Get your Documents Translated now!

Our services engross multi-dimensional services – making us a one-stop-shop solution in when it comes to translation services of documents.


Our translators are the locals, having a firm grasp on the right language expressions, terms, and sentence structuring.


We also provide document formatting and file conversion services. Along with our perfect translation services.

Proof Reading

If you have already translated your file, but need it to be proofread our professional proofreaders can proofread your translated document.

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Few of the Document Types we Handle are

  • Business Documents

  • Medical data

  • Contracts or charters

  • Guarantees, Sureties, and Warranties

  • Legal documents and Records

  • Licenses

  • Tax Records

  • Transcripts

  • Warrants

  • Birth Certificates

  • Marriage Certificates

  • Death Certificates

  • Divorce Certificates

  • Driving Licenses and Insurance Documentation

  • Adoption Papers

  • Immigration Paperwork

  • Academic and Diploma Certification

  • Medical Reports

Why Choose us?

Professional Human Translators

We have experienced and professional human translators on board for your translation needs, who are local individuals and have the firm command of the target language. What we deliver isn’t machine translation, but human-powered translation who have the adequate know-how of the language as well as cultural background.

Best Prices

We offer competitive prices for your translation requirement. It is just a matter of one $0.05/word and you will get your perfectly translated document. As compare to the market, our charges are very competitive because our mission is to make it possible for everyone to get translation services. Thriving society is our goal, so our translation prices are to engross all the possible clients.

120+ Languages

We provide our services in all the major languages of the world which are significant on the global platform and hold the potential to in businesses. With 120+ languages and numerous language pairs, you can surely get what you want on our platform. In case your required translation isn’t on board, even then you can contact us with your query and we will turn up with the best possible solution. Our 120+ languages mean that we can let you speak whichever your language that you want.

Fastest Turnaround

We are marked in our industry with the fastest possible turnaround. Our 24/7 Service make it possible for us to respond to our customers as soon as possible. Moreover, our service delivery time is also quite efficient as we deliver 2000/day. Besides this, if our clients require translation on the immediate basis, even then we can go extra miles to deliver our services quickly. Our translators are also aware of the sensitivity of the situation, so they also work efficiently to deliver the project according to the deadline.

Our Clients

Our clients demanding business documents translation services or certified document translation are spanned in different industries and countries. Besides individual clients, we have also worked with top companies. Including few of the top 500 Fortune companies. We believe in measuring the growth of a company by the number of satisfied customers, so our 2000+ happy customers are a proof of our steady growth over the years. We feel blessed to play our part in fulfilling the dreams of our clients and yearn to continue doing so.

Figures are just numbers for us – customer satisfaction is what makes us measure our identity.

We are ISO Certified

Our reliability and quality assurance is evident from the fact that we are UKAS certified and ISO-9001 certified company. It is a proof that what we deliver is not less than the best for your perfect documentation translation services requirement. We are more than just translation providers because we are busy in making it possible for the businesses to pursue their dreams.

We are ISO Certified
Machine Translation

Machine Translation vs Human Translation

Where machine document translation is cost-time and offers the fastest possible turnaround, there it also has a drastic impact on the quality of the translation. No matter how much technologically developed a machine is, the fact is: it isn’t human.The machine doesn’t have the cultural overview and knowledge about the social setting, it just translates words from one word to another without considering the selection of right words and phrases in the cultural setting.

It can cause drastic damage to the business. So, this is the reason that human translation is said to be the most appropriate option for translation to avoid any drastic outcome.Do Human Translation to get the accurate translation with the spot on effectiveness.

Our expert and professional Human translators help you and your business to get the most accurate as well as effectively translated content to achieve the desired results without taking chances of translation failure.

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About Our Company

With over 16 years of presence in the translation industry, Mars Translation is a company which is making it possible for the companies to pursue their dream of an international business venture. We, at Mars Translation, with 3000+ professional, expert and human translators provide the best translation solution globally. Besides many other translation services, we are also class apart in providing the best possible documentation translation services.

Either you have an official business document or a personal document for translation, we can translate them all. Our translation document services range from birth and marriage certificate, business profile and other in-house documents to immigration certificate translation. The best part is that we have professional and expert translators to handle all kinds of documents, so delivering the best translation services is not a problem for us.

When it comes to official document translation services then we stand apart from our competitors due to our customer oriented vision which doesn’t let us stray from our mission of delivering the best every time.

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