Translation Services New Jersey
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Translation Services New Jersey

Mars Translation, with an experience of over 26 years, is working in New Jersey to fulfill the translation and localization needs of people, businesses, government and other official bodies. Our fully tailored translation services in NJ are a perfect example of class within budget. We have competitive well-structured rates so that we can address the translation needs of everyone.

We have more than 3000+ certified translators who are not only expert and professional, but also native speakers. They are always ready to go extra miles for our customers, because they are also driven by our vision of bridging the communication gap in the world. So, they work hard to let you be on your success path. If you are looking for quality, swiftness and bespoke services, then go no further. You can get all this here!

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Advantages of our Translation Services

  • Simple Process

    We have designed very simple process of order placement. It is just a matter of 1, 2 and 3 and you will get your tailored translated content. We aim to make the life of our customers as simple as translation is for us.

  • Super Speed

    We believe in strictly following the deadline and 93% of our projects are delivered before the deadline. Moreover, we also have the fastest possible turnaround i.e. 2000 words per day, but we can also enhance our capacity upon demand.

  • Guaranteed Quality

    When it comes upon services of Mars Translation, then the quality is guaranteed. We are UKAS and ISO-9001 certified which is a proof of our high standard quality work, reliable standard and certified translation services in NJ.

  • Cut Cost

    Besides our competitive prices i.e. $0.05 per word, we also give leverage to our customers. In contrast to the market trend, we do not charge expert fee from our customers. We want ourselves to be approachable by everyone.

  • Free Instant Quote

    At our platform, our clients are given opportunity to ask for quote instantly, without any charges. Our instant quote opportunity cut short the time consumed in previous lethargic process of asking for quote. Here, it is all easy and instant!

Advantages of Our Services

Languages Spoken in New Jersey

New Jersey is regarded as one of the smallest state in the USA, but despite of its smaller size, it still holds a wide variety of people belonging to different regions, ethnicity and hence, speak different languages. Few of the main languages spoken in the New Jersey, besides English, are:


It is the most widely spoken language in New Jersey with 1, 277, 000 speakers. So, the proportionality of the Spanish speakers in New Jersey make this language an important language to be considered for communication to a large public in the New Jersey.


With 84, 160 Portuguese speakers in the New Jersey, the significance of this languages gets manifolds when it comes upon analyzing the languages of the New Jersey for picking as the target language for business in the New Jersey market.


China is the most populous country in the world and 111, 511 of its representation lives in New Jersey. This state includes all the diversified Chinese dialect speakers – but no matter what, they hold a huge significance in deciding the essential language of New Jersey.


Italian is also widely spoken in the New Jersey with 78, 856 Italian speakers. Italian stands at number 5 position in terms of its speaker and hence; significance – as it is the language of a large number of the Italian-American speakers.

About New Jersey

Besides being the hub of different ethnic groups, it also has significant strategic, economic and cultural significance. Here, business market is growing steadily, making it possible for other businesses to venture here and explore the business opportunities which the market of New Jersey holds.

You can find here one of the best workforce in the field of scientists and engineers. Besides it enriched workforce, it is home of important companies of many industrial fields like Johnson and Johnson firm and Pfizer of pharmaceutical industry and Verizon wireless and Alcatel-Lucent of the telecommunication industry. Its important industries include pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, telecommunication, electronic items, food processing, printing and publishing as well as tourism.

So, if you are also looking towards plunging in this enriched environment for businesses, then do it. Our translation services in NJ will make sure that your venture would be successful. Trust us – we can together do it!

About New Jersey