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Translation Services NYC

Mars Translation is the most acclaimed Translation Agency NYC, which is busy in providing the accurate, time effective and affordable translation services New York Since 2000. Our great quality of sticking to the best, no matter what, makes us one of the most recommended and preferred partner of the businesses in the New York.

Our Professional and Experienced Translators are having the expertise to Deliver the fully tailored and localized Translation solutions for the translation requirement of the businesses. The long year of experience and the quality of being native translator make it possible for our translator to win the scene every time. We do not convert words from one language to other, in fact, our official translation services in New York are executed by considering the social and cultural requirement of the targeted population.

Advantages of our Services

  • Simple Per Word Charges

    We have designed all our pricing packages in the simplest possible way to avoid any kind of confusion and difficulty for our customers. We have set per word prices according to the level of quality required.

  • Stress Free Translation

    Our whole process of Translation Services in New York City is designed to lessen the stress of our customers as they can keep a record of the process and negotiate with the translator when required.

  • No Expert Fee

    Besides our carefully structure affordable prices, we also look for other means to cut short the charges for our privileged customers. For this, contrary to other translation companies in NYC, we do not charge an expert fee.

  • One-Stop Shop Solution

    Being one of the best Translation Company NYC, we are providing a whole range of New York translation services to our customers. Our vast range of services of translation and localization makes us One-Stop Shop Solution for translation need.

  • Native Speakers

    All our translators are the native speakers of the language, so along with the translation, they also provide the localization solution for the businesses by considering the cultural and social setting of the target population.

Fast Translations Services

Why Choose us?

Affordable Prices

We have specially designed affordable translation prices to address all the customers’ translation and localization needs and demands. Our prices start from $0.05 and the best part is: we also don’t charge an extra expert fee.

We are ISO Certified

We are UKAS and ISO-9001 Certified, it proves that we only provide the top quality certified translation services. It is also a proof of our reliability and careful handling of the data. We take care of your business privacy and ensure it by carefully handling your data.

Quality Assurance(QA)

We have a special mechanism of quality assurance as we hire our translators after taking the tough test. Moreover, to ensure the High Quality Delivery of services, only those translators are assigned tasks who are given the top rating by the customers.

Fastest Turnaround

Besides our quality, we are also acclaimed in the translation industry due to our fastest possible turnaround of the delivery of the project. We have a turnaround of about 2000words/day. In the case of any emergency, our translators are always ready to go extra miles for our clients.

We provide the opportunity to our customers to get the free quote quickly so that they can take their decision without wasting their time. Moreover, it also saves their time in case of emergency certified translation services nyc requirement.

About New York

One of the top ten largest metropolitan cities in the world, and the largest in the United States, New York is without a doubt a very significant city in the United States. People belonging to different nationalities and cultures live here, making New York a place of multilingual and multi-cultural people. According to an estimation, over 150 languages are spoken in New York by the people belonging to different regions and languages.

It is regarded as the ‘Big Apple’ of the world as it is the biggest center of all the economic and financial activities of the world. Besides being a house of many world conglomerates and top Fortune 500 companies, it is also the favorite market of foreign investors and businesses planning to go global. It is because of the fact that business prospects in the New York and its nurturing financial market hold great opportunity for a successful business.

So, those businesses who are looking forward to having a business venture in the New York market, then they should start thinking to implement this plan. We, with our top rated and global translation services NYC, are here to make your plan of going global successful.

New York City
About Mars Company

About Mars Translation

Mars Translation is a platform, busy in providing the translation and localizing solutions to the top businesses, start-ups and people of New York as well as across the globe. With a specialization and experience to handle diverse translation fields, our over 3000+ Experienced and Professional Translators provide nothing less than the best.

Our vision to make every business globally successful and mission to make this success process easy, keep us motivated to deliver the bespoke NYC Translation Services. We consider our every client as important – no matter how small or big is the business. This is why we have established a cordial relationship with our clients and our clients love to run back to us in the case of any translation and localization need.

Our translation agency New York is built on the values of quality assurance, customer satisfaction, and integrity. Whatever is your industry – finance, legal, medical, commerce, entertainment, marketing or automotive – our trained and professional translators can help you in all. Our easy to place order format and 24/7 availability make it easy for the businesses to get their task done on time without much fuss and complexity.

We have surpassed in our range of services from translation, interpretation to transcription, video interpretation, and voice-over, audio, and video transcription; to become the best one-stop solution for language needs of our customers.