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Website Translation Services

Mars Translation makes it possible for you to make your potential customers from across the globe. Our website translation services make your website readable by anyone from any part of the globe. Being one of the most efficient, affordable and effective translation company, we are one of the most recommended option for your website translation solution.

The rise in the e-commerce market has made the website an essential component for the business. An effective website not only helps you to grab the attention of more customers, in fact, it also increases the sales. This all is possible, but only if your website is understandable for everyone. Not everyone in the world speaks English, so what about your non-English potential consumers. Do you want to lose them just because they cannot read out your awesome services? If your answer is no, then we are here for you.

Our professional, expert and native translators help you to translate your website into multiple languages – making it possible for your customers to understand it, no matter which language they speak. We understand the significance of your website for your business, so our services are not less than sheer excellence.

Advantages of Website Translation

If going global is the dream of every business, then localization is the path that leads businesses to the successful global venture. The website is the strongest platform for the online representation of the businesses. So, when it comes upon a global venture, website translation and localization holds a significance position.

Increased Sales

We help you to get you multilingual website translated by professional and expert translators. This can help you to get more customer visits and more customer visits mean, more prospects of sales. Now increasing your sales is as simple as doing website translation is for us!

Build your Credibility

Our website translation and localization services can help you to build your credibility among your customers. This can help you to let your customers believe that you are here for them, with them and amongst them. This belief matters for you and your business credibility!

Enhanced Online Reach

The hidden perk of website translation and localization, besides increasing your sales and customers, is to increase your online website reach. It helps to make your website available to more people and more countries. We are here to do this amazing miracle for you!

  • Better user Experience

    The research shows that users get more attracted to sites which are in their native language. That is what we do for you! We let you increase user experience of your website by translating it in into language of you clients. Isn’t website translation and localization an amazing thing for your business?

  • Increased Potential Customers

    Website translation and localization help to grab the attention of the customers from across the globe. We help you to let your website speak the language of your customers, no matter which language do they speak. English is not spoken by the people of the whole world, so a multilingual website can help your business grab non-English speakers too.

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Why Choose us?

Being the leading company in the translation industry, we hold many amenities for our clients. We believe in providing the one-stop-shop solution to our customers so that they can get the best translation and localization solution.

Easy Solution

Web translation and localization may seem quite a difficult task, followed by a lot of fuss, but not with us. We provide the easiest website translation solutions. Whatever is the language of your website, we can translate your website without changing its coding. Isn’t it the most amazing and easiest solution for your website translation requirement?

Affordable Prices

We work with a mission to make it possible for all the businesses of the world to make their global venture successful. This is the reason that we offer professional website translation services at competitive prices to address all customers’ needs. With the price starting with $0.05/word, we bring the best services at the very affordable price.

Fastest Turnaround

We provide the fastest possible turnaround to our customers in terms of response to a query as well as in the delivery of the project. With our 3000+ translators, we are always ready to serve our customers. We have a remarkable turnaround of 2000 words/day and we can also go extra miles to facilitate our customers in case of urgent website translation requirement.

Languages we Offered

We provide web translation services in all the dominant languages of the world. We know that your customers can be anywhere in the world with their own language, so we offer our translation services in 120+ languages. Choose your target customer population and we will let your website speak their language.

Certified Translation Services

Our top quality translation services and reliability is marked by the fact that we are UKAS and ISO-9001 Certified. We not only ensure the provision of the best quality services, in fact, we work to achieve the clients’ satisfaction to the maximum.

Certified Translation Services
About Company

About our Company

Mars Translation is the human powered translation platform where you can get the best possible solution for your translation and localization needs. Our 16 years of experience in the translation industry has helped us to understand the translation needs of our customers, so that is why we provide the best quality services every time.

We are driven by customer oriented vision, so our all the Translation and Localization services including Website Translation are affordable and effective. We are here to make let all the businesses to enable their global venture seamlessly. For, this we go extra miles to facilitate our customers and provide the best possible services to our customers.

Our experienced, professional and native translators are well adept in translating website in their respective area of expertise. With our 3000+ Translators, either it is a medical website or an e-commerce website, we can provide the best website translation and localization services.